Announcing The 2018


Does your canine clamber up crags?  Does your kitty love kayaking? Do you have a hamster who hikes??  We want to see! Submit a photo of your furry (or feathered) adventure companion, and you could have a chance to WIN SOME SWEET SWAG for you and your buddy from Blue Mountain Brewery!  


From paddle boarding, to boating,skiing, and climbing to the tip top of any mountain we encounter, my pup Summit is forever my favorite adventure partner ❤
Boulder, Colorado
Pax (aka peace✌🏻) is a 2 y.o. yellow lab/hound rescue from Richmond, VA. A lil’ rough around the edges & a lot larger than life. Ball is LYFE & swimming is his FAVE. Teaching his mom all about love!
Richmond, VA
Malachi may waddle like a duck on land, but he swims like a fish in water! He particularly loves to swim in the French broad river! Just look at that smile on his face!
Asheville, North Carolina
Mia was meant to be outdoors. A rescued stray from Kentucky—indoors, she is timid and anxious. But as soon as she’s outdoors and off-leash, she’s a happy and confident queen of the mountains.
Denver, CO
She is a joy to our lives she got caught in the fan of a friends van she has a limp but she healed great
Macon ga
Spunky little poodle living his best life and getting in sticky situations
Hendersonville NC
Scout LOVES the outdoors! She won her Dad’s heart when her little Bassett legs scaled Dragons Tooth unassisted! She loves canoeing, swimming, and sniffing up every trail in the Roanoke Valley.
Roanoke, VA
This is Winston the Explorer! He is originally from Indiana, but moved to Colorado nearly 3 years ago to start his biggest adventure yet. He hikes everywhere his parents do and he loves it.
Colorado Springs, CO
Brooklyn has been my adventure partner for 11 years. She’s as wild as ever and loves adventures! ‘It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you’
Pilot Mountain, NC
Brooklyn has been my adventure partner for over 11 years now. She’s as wild as ever and loves adventures! “It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you”
Pilot Mountain, NC
Tulip is a red-tri Australian Shepherd that steals hearts wherever we hike. She has even been cross-country twice with us backpacking. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never had a dog.
Simpsonville SC
Buffy is a loving fur-child that enjoys hiking and fishing with her owners every chance she can get. When she is not outside you can find her underneath a bed snoring away.
Black Mountain, North Carolina
I do what flotes my boat. @cozmodoggie
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Bunker loved to adventure almost as much as he loved to chill.
Spartanburg, South Carolina
She’s a stray from Harrisonburg VA who is now living the good life.
Baltimore, MD
Kimber is an adventurous pup. She loves boat rides and camping trips!
Navarre, FL
Roo is a rescued plott hound that loves being outside. Hiking, splashing, and rolling in grass are some of her favorite activities. She loves “adventure-ing” in her Colorado home!
Denver, CO
Jenny is a rescue. She’s wide open, loves to eat sticks and bugs, and wrestles with the biggest dogs in the pack. This is her first boat outing and still figuring out if she likes it. Nice smile tho!
Weddington, NC
Crame is my foster failure that has always been scared of people/dogs but I’ve been slowly getting him used to the outdoors and finally took him camping on Hawksbill Mtn NC. He LOVED it!
Jonas Ridge, NC
Millie is an English Springer Spaniel and just so happens to be my best adventure buddy.
Simpsonville, South Carolina